Czech Republic is a place without God. Over 90% of the population doesn’t know God. But, statistics show that about 2% of these people are seeking spiritual things. M2M’s goal is to find those people. How? Through a variety of online channels like Facebook, Instagram, Websites, etc we will send out ads, posts, webpages, and more to reach these people.

How does it work?

Online marketing for the Gospel

Through advertisements, posts, webpages, and other channels, we are reaching out to those who are seeking. Our goal is to connect those who are seeking with believers in their area. Our intention is to have a #NoPlaceLeft or Disciple-Making trained person meet with them and start discipling them though a new Discovery Bible Study and/or a new God’s Family (Small House Church).

My Role

Since I am specialize in website development and online marketing, I’ve been placed in charge of developing the websites, and helping out our team with all the relative components involved: from recommending services for our budget to offering my expertise in the services required for the project. Further down the road, I will also be managing advertisements, doing analytics, and evaluating the effectiveness of different ads.

Looking for Support

As a freelancer, I have very limited time to spend on this project. However, it is something that God has given me a lot of passion and skills for. I have decided to start raising support so I can devote more time to the M2M project.

Firstly, please support us in prayer. Then as God leads you, you are welcome to support me financially through this link. I am looking to raise $600 per month for half a year. This will give me more time to invest in the project and be more effective. We are so thankful that you can join us in seeing God at work in the Czech Republic.

Looking for support

Support My work

Here you can give financially, just click this link. You can do a one time gift or commit to supporting us through the end of the year. We thank God that you can join us to see the gospel reach the Czechs.

support the project

For the project, we are also looking for people to unite together to support the costs of web domains, advertisements, analytic tools, and the support of the team. You can support the project through Thank you for joining us in this endeavour for the gospel.

Pray for us

We would really appreciate your commitment to praying for us and the work we are doing. You can join us in our prayers for Czech Republic at Pray4Czech.comThere you will receive weekly prayer requests, praises, updates, and general information about the project. We are looking to reach 10,000 prayers for a movement in Czech Republic.

Please join us in prayer to see God move in Czech Republic